Sunday, July 30, 2017

Term 3
Week 2

This week is becoming a very busy week. We are writing acrostic poems in writing, using our doubles to solve equations in Maths, and re-reading our sentences in Reading.
This term we are having a topic focus on Maori culture and celebrating it’s importance to Aotearoa New Zealand. With this focus we are creating Family trees. This week we are starting on decorating and creating our trees, our next steps are to write our whānau on them and display them. You are more than welcome to come in and see the finished project at the end of the week
Kind regards
Miss Hannah and Room 4


  1. Great work Room 4, you are all growing up and learning lots. Keep it up! ☺
    Love from Michaela.

  2. Yay that's sooo kewl room 4
    I love that u guys are all learning ur whakapapa keep up the gud work